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commercial blind cleaning

Commercial Blind Cleaning

When you work in or own an office complex, medical center, library, school, restaurant, deli, cafe, shopping center, etc., it can be difficult to find the time needed to clean the blinds on your windows. The blinds are responsible for helping to keep out the sun's hot and sometimes blinding rays during the day, and they can also be closed at night so that passersby aren't able to peek into your location. While blinds serve many purposes, they aren't going to last very long if they are dusty, dirty, and difficult to use. This is where Window Cleaning Experts can help. Your shift is over, and you shouldn't have to worry about doing the cleaning work on your own. Let the professionals come in to help with our high-tech cleaning products and equipment.

We can provide our services for the following styles:

  • Honeycomb shades
  • Plantation shutters
  • Roller shades
  • Cascades, valances, festoons, sheers, tie-backs, swags, and more!

Add-On Services

Our team at Window Cleaning Experts offers our blind cleaning service as an additional add-on service to our normal window cleaning services. Ask our window cleaning tech about having your blinds cleaned when getting your quote or while we are cleaning your windows.

The Process

Step one for us is to carefully remove the blinds from where they are hanging in the frames. Next, we will take them outside and place them on top of a large tarp. We will scrub the blinds down using soap. Then, we will rinse and dry them off. The final step is to get them re-installed.

This process will be able to remove smoke, dirt, pollen, and other types of contaminants which may have gotten on the blinds' surface. The entire job doesn't take very long, and it is typically performed at the same time as your window cleaning.