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How Often Do I Need My Windows Cleaned?

Having your window cleaned on a regular basis is very important to the overall life and condition of your windows.


We recommend this service to those that live on saltwater. Letting salt stay on the glass too long will eventually stain the glass and will become permanently embedded and will have to be replaced. This service is for at least the exterior glass exposed to the saltwater. We have discounted pricing available for this program.


We recommend this cleaning to our customers that do not live on or near saltwater or very high traffic areas. We have found that most homes require interior to be cleaned on a semi-annual basis.


This is our most common program. With this plan the windows are cleaned thoroughly inside and out. The windows are opened one at at time and the tracks are cleaned. Any screens are scrubbed and the sills and frames are cleaned. Whenever we come in your home we wear booties over our shoes and lay down clean drop cloths to prevent dirt from getting on your floors. Keeping the exterior of the window cleaned helps prevent the build-up of hard water on the glass which is very common in Florida.


This is the program that is suggested for basic maintenance. After this period of time any mineral deposits that are on the glass will become very difficult or even impossible to remove.